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2018/06/14 The 40th anniversary We published the tenth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2018/05/29 Academic cultural exchange "To accept children with non-Japanese ethnicity in Great Society" continuation lecture cafe "future ... next-generation energy development and earth outside life exploration ... of the integral [the third] human whom photosynthesis ties" [the fourth]; participant offer!
2018/05/15 Personnel training International cafe (the first) 6/2 holding! "What kind of thing as for the Work in foreign country" Recruitment of participants of high school student
2018/04/25 International, NGO We raise furtherance business of Kanagawa International Foundation in 2018. (5/1-5/31)
2018/04/17 Common information Consumers' cooperative you co-op gave contribution to. Thank you for your support.
2018/03/23 Multicultural society We sell child care chart & DVD set for foreign residents. (100 sets of limited sale)
2018/03/16 Personnel training We support international education such as high schools in Kanagawa. ... plan consultation, conduct school of lecturer dispatch offer ~
2018/03/08 Common information Kanagawa High School teacher's union gave contribution to. Thank you for your support.
2018/03/08 Common information We had contribution from Japanese Trade Union Confederation Kanagawa alliance society (alliance Kanagawa) state. Thank you for your support.
2018/02/22 Common information This Republic of Korea All Korean Residents' Organization in Japan Kanagawa region headquarters in Japan gave contribution to. Thank you for your support.
2018/02/22 Multicultural society Renewed; "to tell information to communication - foreigner in plain Japanese clearly"
2018/02/16 Multilingual support center It recruits participants of "Vietnamese medical care interpreter course"!
Tuyễn mộngười tham gia "Lớpđào tạo thông dịch y khoa tiếng Việt"
2018/02/08 Common information Kanagawa teacher's union gave contribution to. Thank you for your support.
2018/02/06 The 40th anniversary We published the ninth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2018/01/29 Common information Please cooperate with "foreign residents child care support campaign 2018"
2018/01/18 Academic cultural exchange Shonan Village akademia continuation lecture "cafe integral" [the first] "... for difference in culture ... multicultural society society over delivery" (February 3) [the second] under "life and future ... (February 10) participant offer of SDGs - us who want to know"
2018/01/05 Personnel training Under recruitment of "international cafe in kenojiiki (special episode) January 28" participants
2017/12/30 Multicultural society "How do support child care from the pregnancy of foreign residents in area?"; yokohama International Forum 2018 
2017/12/17 Common information The seventh museum summit book "town and culture that museum weaves" are now on sale!
2017/12/14 Multicultural society Video produced "child care series for foreign residents of Japan" by 7 languages.
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The Shonan Village center
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Multilingual support center (Yokohama office)
Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
The thirteenth floor of the citizens of Kanagawa center
TEL 045-620-0011 (main)
TEL 045-620-4466 (representative of multicultural society, collaboration promotion group)
FAX 045-620-0025
Emergency TEL 045-323-1230

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