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2017/12/01 Multilingual support center About the year-end and New Year business hours of multilingual support center (multilingual navigator)
2017/12/01 Multicultural society We made "Nepalese version" of child care chart.
2017/11/08 The 40th anniversary We published the eighth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/11/01 Personnel training The 30th young people international seminar (K-PIT): Jump out ritsu father - at world entrance! Under high school student 2017 participant offer to think about "aim - sustainable development target (SDGs) of the world me to change" <must arrive by extension Tuesday, December 5 on the deadline>
2017/10/13 Multicultural society Advice (video) from senior foreign student, former foreign student was updated
2017/10/13 International, NGO Furtherance business of "Kanagawa International Foundation" was decided in 2017. (we support for 5 business)
2017/10/13 Personnel training Under recruitment of international cafe participants
2017/10/05 The 40th anniversary We published the seventh "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/09/22 Academic cultural exchange Symposium is recruiting participants "to make "society to rely, and to toss" from Kanagawa"!
2017/09/16 Multicultural society We learn in Japanese brushing up course workshop form for the multilingual staff! The skill of "spinach" and report to connect the workplace
2017/09/14 Common information Dream Kannon executive committee gave contribution to. Thank you for support.
2017/09/07 Common information We published annual report in 2016
2017/09/05 The 40th anniversary We published the sixth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/09/04 Personnel training We started recruitment of participants of Inter-College International Seminar.
2017/07/24 The 40th anniversary We published the fifth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/07/24 The 40th anniversary We published the fourth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/06/28 Multicultural society [we closed] "Child white paper of foreigner" publication memory forum "~ to think about support that we accepted towards society where children with non-Japanese ethnicity can have hope toward for ... stages of development"
2017/06/23 Common information It recruits trustees of Matsuda-machi international exchange coordinates duties.
2017/06/12 Multicultural society [(maternal and child health) for supporters] We made confirmation sheet in before childbirth, after giving birth.
2017/06/01 Academic cultural exchange We hold education spread business foramu to surround art museum society which "learns, and unties" with all MULPA (marupa) Museum Unlearning Program for ALL.
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Shonan Village Academic Research Center (the headquarters)
Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa
The Shonan Village center
TEL 046-855-1820 - 1822
FAX 046-858-1210

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Multilingual support center (Yokohama office)
Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Citizens of Kanagawa center the thirteenth floor
TEL 045-620-0011 (main)
TEL 045-620-4466 (representative of multicultural society, collaboration promotion group)
FAX 045-620-0025
Emergency TEL 045-323-1230

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