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2018/12/03 Multicultural society We distribute poster of Multilingual Medical Questionnaire free
2018/11/27 The 40th anniversary The "Ayumi of 40 years" twelfth published "approach to report information to foreign residents"
2018/11/15 Personnel training The 31st young people international seminar (K-PIT): Jump out ritsu father - at world entrance! High school student 2018 "will open up the new world!" During recruitment of participants <deadline January 14 Monday (holiday)>
2018/11/12 The 40th anniversary We published the eleventh "Ayumi of 40 years" "People to People Cooperation Fund"
2018/11/12 Multicultural society We released result of "questionary survey about course of international classroom being on the register roll student" (targeted for graduate in March, 2018).
2018/11/12 Common information Advice (video) from senior foreign student, former foreign student was updated
2018/11/03 Common information Yoshiharu Fukuhara honor advisor was chosen as persons of cultural merits
2018/10/17 International, NGO Furtherance business of "Kanagawa International Foundation" was decided in 2018. (we support for 7 business)
2018/10/16 Common information Recruitment of "Great Nature Tour" participants
2018/09/07 Personnel training International cafe (the third, special episode) 10/13 holding! Recruitment of participants "Indo-Chinese refugees (Laotian Cultural Center, fieldwork of Vietnamese temple) in Kanagawa"
2018/08/24 Common information General Yokohama-shi medical association gave contribution to. Thank you for your support.
2018/08/10 Common information We issued annual report of 2017. You can understand overall activity of our foundation. Check it out!
2018/08/09 Multicultural society We made foreign residents child care support leaflet
2018/08/06 Multicultural society We experience and learn! Japanese course for the multilingual staff
2018/07/06 Multicultural society Foreign support training 2018 recruits participants with "foreign support at the time of disaster to learn from Kumamoto earthquake" at disaster!
2018/06/26 Multicultural society "Foreign Parents' Guide to Vaccinations" finished publication in Web and distribution.
2018/06/22 Personnel training International cafe (the second) 7/22 holding! "The making of Philippine dessert halo halo! Intellect rou ~ in the Philippines through ... meal"
2018/06/14 The 40th anniversary We published the tenth "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2018/05/29 Academic cultural exchange "To accept children with non-Japanese ethnicity in Great Society" continuation lecture cafe "future ... next-generation energy development and earth outside life exploration ... of the integral [the third] human whom photosynthesis ties" [the fourth]; participant offer!
2018/05/15 Personnel training International cafe (the first) 6/2 holding! "What kind of thing as for the Work in foreign country" Recruitment of participants of high school student
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