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The Kanagawa International Foundation 40th anniversary
2017/04/13 Personnel training We started offer of United Nations University global seminar 33rd Shonan session!
2017/04/13 Multicultural society There was "child care support site for foreign residents"
2017/04/11 The 40th anniversary We published the second "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/04/06 Common information General corporate judicial person Yokohama-shi medical association gave contribution to. Thank you for support.
2017/04/03 Multilingual support center Multilingual navigator increased Spanish (please identify day as language)
2017/03/16 Common information Japanese Trade Union Confederation Kanagawa alliance society gave contribution to. Thank you for support.
2017/03/16 Common information This Republic of Korea All Korean Residents' Organization in Japan Kanagawa region headquarters in Japan gave contribution to. Thank you for support.
2017/03/08 The 40th anniversary We published the first "Ayumi of 40 years" article
2017/03/04 International, NGO We began public information of furtherance business offer of "Kanagawa International Foundation" in 2017.
2017/02/28 The 40th anniversary We released page of the 40th anniversary of the Kanagawa International Foundation establishment
2017/02/03 International, NGO We hold lecture "international help made with person whom we worked as triggered by disaster"!
2017/01/13 Multicultural society We hold child care support workshop for foreign residents in yokohama international forum 2017.
2017/01/13 Multicultural society Please cooperate with the "child care support kit" to foreign residents spread (until February 28, 2017)
2017/01/13 Common information Kanagawa teacher's union gave contribution to. Thank you for support.
2016/12/28 Common information News of the year-end and New Year suspension of business
2016/12/22 International, NGO About revision of Kanagawa International Foundation "emergency support project" essential point
2016/12/09 Academic cultural exchange <Shonan Village akademia> "We do not listen now? Recruitment of climate change participants!
2016/12/07 Multilingual support center (multilingual navigator) about the year-end and New Year correspondence time
2016/11/30 Multicultural society We performed setting, administration training of "Multilingual Center for Disaster Support of Kanagawa"
2016/11/22 Multicultural society News to be related to conduct of setting, administration training of "Multilingual Center for Disaster Support of Kanagawa"
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Introduction facilities of facility
Shonan Village Academic Research Center (the headquarters)
Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa
The Shonan Village center
TEL 046-855-1820 - 1822
FAX 046-858-1210

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Multilingual support center (Yokohama office)
Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Citizens of Kanagawa center the thirteenth floor
TEL 045-620-0011 (main)
TEL 045-620-4466 (representative of multicultural society, collaboration promotion group)
FAX 045-620-0025
Emergency TEL 045-323-1230

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