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We hold the round-table conference and symposium collecting the wisdom of researchers, practical persons, journalists and citizens and spread its result toward resolving global problems by academic/cultural interactions.

Reinforcement of localization by academic interchange

21st Century Kanagawa Round-Table Conference
In tide of globalization, local originality, diversity is spoiled, and lifestyle and culture are standardized, and researcher, journalists over the multi-field gather in a hall, and chief and the staff of the local government, businessman in Kanagawa argue about figure which there should be in the future of society and community where difference of people is spreading and send image of future society.

"Shonan Village akademia"
Various research organizations and personnel training organizations such as Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) (IGES) or The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) are located and, in Shonan Village with Shonan Village Academic Research Center, perform the latest study and accumulate wisdom. akademia is event for lifelong learning to tell about the study contents targeting at wide citizens of the prefecture from high school student to elderly person clearly.

Promotion of cultural exchange

"Cooperation business between social education, culture facilities"
We have function subsuming community in social education, culture facilities such as museum and art museum, library. We built curator, librarian and culture policymaker, foreign network with support NGO/NPO through museum summit business that we carried out so far at our foundation. We consider interlocking movement with culture program of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in 2020 and such facilities cooperate and collaborate and examine business that was conscious of symbiosis of various culture in community.


Research Project
We stand in medium-and-long term field of vision, and go ahead through investigation while planning university and social education facility, cooperation, network with various sectors including NGO/NPO about overt and potential important issue to be concerned with the making of person in Kanagawa area, community improvement and let concrete business deployment reflect the result, and accumulation sends the result.

Academic Interchange / Result Transmittion Project
To let everyone inside/outside the Prefecture know the result of the foundation, we publish the result and use the Internet to spread them.

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