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We support child care of foreign residents.
Date Medium name Title
January, 2019 Health nurse journal January issue (issuance: medicine study) "Approach of Kanagawa International Foundation (KIF) which local, supports child care from the pregnancy of battle front [support of the mother and the child] foreign residents of health support to foreigner special feature
December 10, 2018 Abema TV At "convenience store with beef NG, lunch of excursion to lunch...Wall and support that "child care foreigner immigrant faces
January 7, 2018 The Yomiuri Shimbun It is commented in child care support video 7 language subtitles to foreigner
January 4, 2018
January 12, 2018
January 18, 2018
January 19, 2018
January 25, 2018
January 26, 2018
Town news 7 languages introduce system of child care video Kanagawa International Foundation Japan
<1/4> Minami-ku version, Hodogaya-ku version, Aoba-ku version
<1/12> Nakahara-ku version, Asao-ku version
<1/18> Asahi-ku version, Kanagawa-ku version
<1/19> Great Japanese edition, Ebina version, Kawasaki-ku, Saiwai-ku version
<1/25> Midori-ku version
<1/26> Ayase version, Sagawa version, Oiso, Ninomiya, Nakai version
December 30, 2017 Tokyo Shimbun It is support Kanagawa International Foundation HP with video by child care of foreigner
December 22, 2017 Kanagawa Shimbun-sha System of friend Japan resisting foreign child care, 7 videos for language introduce
December 21, 2017 The Nikkei Shimbun Video in child care seven languages in Japan for foreigners
September 1, 2017 Yahoo! News With approach of foreign residents child care support battle front to surpass the language barrier, and to go ahead through in - Kanagawa that we want to support together
July 2, 2017 Kanagawa Shimbun-sha We support by child care 6 language
June 15, 2017 Town news It is made child care support kit to foreign residents
<6/15> Hodogaya-ku version, Tsurumi-ku version
<6/22> Izumi-ku version, Kohoku-ku version, Seya-ku version, Midori-ku version, Aoba-ku version, Kanazawa, Isogo version
<6/23> The Ise first edition, Asao-ku version
<6/29> Konan-ku, Sakae-ku version, Tsuzuki-ku version, Naka-ku, Nishi-ku version, Asahi-ku version
<6/30> Tama-ku version, Zama version
<7/28>  Fujisawa version, Nakahara-ku version