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Furtherance business of "Kanagawa International Foundation" was decided in 2018. (we support for 7 business)

With all of groups where the furtherance was decided on
Executive Managing Director Mizuta

Furtherance business of Kanagawa International Foundation this year was decided in four seven cases in total for two domestic cooperation business, group activity enhancement business one, making of community support business of multicultural society. We held investiture of notice of furtherance decision in September and furtherance groups were future business, but were able to establish opportunity to know each other so that there were information exchange or experience exchange.
Kanagawa and fund from private enterprise are founded as financial funds in 1993 and examine this fund in screening committee by outside man of intelligence and, in advanced business to carry out at home and abroad, support approximately 200,000 yen - 2 million yen every year. 152 number of furtherance, furtherance of a total of approximately 170 million yen are decided so far (as of October 1, 2018). Business that the furtherance decided this time is carried out sequentially in business area for of the prefecture to September 30 in the next year from October 1, this year.

The next application receptionist plans May 31 from May 1, 2019. Through administration of subsidy program, we support activities such as prefecture NGOs and want to promote cooperation.

Group name and business name (6 groups, 7 business)

Furtherance frame Group name Business name and business outline The amount of furtherance
Domestic cooperation wataboshi classroom The Philippines
With "origin in foreign country learning support classroom business by English for junior high student"
519,000 yen
Non profit organization
Kanagawa refugees domiciliation support association
Because Japanese education - power of observation of children with non-Japanese ethnicity to begin with picture raises logical intellectual power, talks power; ... 500,000 yen
Group activity is fulfilling Link toe Myanmar Improvement of publicity work for securing of supporter, member, contribution aiming at independence of organization 185,000 yen
Of multicultural society
The making of community
Support business
Link toe Myanmar Life consultation for Myanmarese residing in Japan
And it is support project
200,000 yen
Kanagawa Nepalese
Consultation desk project 200,000 yen
Ayase Muslim Women' s
Company that residence Islam women are healthy and live a life that it seems to be oneself in peace, visit support and interchange activity business 200,000 yen
sabaidi ・
Rao Thailand circle
Living information seminar and conference holding for Laos Thai residing in Japan in Japan 200,000 yen

wataboshi classroom

Non profit organization
Kanagawa refugees domiciliation support association

Link toe Myanmar

Kanagawa Nepalese community

Ayase Muslim Women' s

sabaidi Rao Thailand circle