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We send 1-2 times of information that is useful for foreigner in week.
We can receive information from Email of cell-phone (smartphone) and PC by various words. There are plain Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, English.
  • We go result and today
  • jishinnadonosaigai
  • It is health
  • tsuuyaku, own words desodandekirutokoronado
  • Places where festival, tourism are possible

Information that we sent so far
There are two application methods
Please apply from registration form

We can propose even from QR code.
http://www.kifjp.org/info_kanagawa_smart.html (Smart Phone/PC)
http://www.kifjp.org/info_kanagawa_mobile.html (Mobile Phone)

Registration Form which we say (registration)
Words yasashiinihongo  (中国語)  Spanish  Portuguese  Tagalog  English  Vietnamese
Opportunity when we knew this
Introduction of family, friend  Website  Poster, flyer

Cancel Form to leave (cancellation)

※Person preventing you from receiving email from PC, please can receive either domain called address called "infoj@kifjp.org" or "@kifjp.org".
※When email does not come even if 24 hours pass after pushing button of "registration" or "cancellation", e-mail address is wrong.
Please do the same thing once again.
※When you want to increase words, you cancel e-mail address that registered, and please register once again. When you do not do well, you write words that you want to increase in infoj@kifjp.org, and please send email.

Please send email without writing anything in infoj @ kifjp.org from e-mail address that we want to receive

Person wanting you to send in Vietnamese, please e-mail infov@kifjp.org.
Person wanting you to send other words, please write "○○ word" for email.
※Person preventing you from receiving email from PC, please can receive either domain called address called "infoj@kifjp.org" or "@kifjp.org".

INFO KANAGAWA to know by animation

  • "There is not acquaintance" talk that there is to be Kanagawa foreigner; edition

  • As for "the earthquake, scary" a certain talk to be Kanagawa foreigner is edition

  • Method of application
Special contentsIt is this in detail
We can download flyer poster from this.
  • Flyer (PDF)
  • Poster (PDF)