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It is spiritually rich, and all people in earth focus on four next purposes for social realization to be able to spend across border and race, difference in culture lively and develop various business in various places throughout the prefecture.

1 Creation of Local Multicultural Society Kanagawa
Promotion of international activity by cooperation, collaboration with 2 citizens of the prefecture, NGO
Upbringing of human resources who are full of 3 international nature
Suggestion of the future image from area through 4 arts and sciences, cultural exchange

Greetings from Chairperson

We say hello from foundation Chairperson.
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Foundation Summary

Here is the summary of the foundation.
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Here is the foundation history from the establishment to the present.

Information Disclosure

Here are articles of foundation, project plan and officer list.
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Organizational chart

Here is the organizational chart of the foundation.
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