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With "Kanagawa Multicultural Mailing List"

We perform information exchange about the making of information about support to "children with non-Japanese ethnicity" and multilingual information, community of multicultural society on the Internet and are place to share information about multicultural society in participants.

Structure of mailing list
One E-mail which participant registered beforehand sent is sent to all other registrants.
※We run system using paid "mailing list server service" that IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.) provides. There is no expense burden on participant of mailing list (except communication fee).

The use example
We receive/to send announcement of event about multicultural society to participant
We ask information such as the teaching materials, multilingual documents
We send trouble in activity and get advice from participant…
Use of nadono is possible.

Person to intend for
It is the NGO staff in Kanagawa, International Association, the lounge staff, Japanese language course volunteer, Japanese instruction cooperator, teacher, staff of group, student, general person.
Kanagawa outside can participate for intelligence, joint ownership, too.

Application method
As "multicultural email", you contact for three next information, and please send title by email if you would like to participate.

(1) Participation e-mail address
(2) The name (furigana)
(3) Belonging

We transfer information exchanged in mailing list and may be reprinted. Please be careful about content to post such as personal information enough. Email sent to address of mailing list is delivered to all the mailing list participants. Please be careful not to deliver email to individual to mailing list by mistake.

Withdrawal procedure
When withdrawal from mailing list is hoped for, please let know by email to foundation.
Email: tabunka ★kifjp.org
※When we send email ★Please turn this into @ mark.

Application, inquiry
(public interest incorporated foundation) Kanagawa International Foundation multicultural society mailing list charge
2-24-2, Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
The thirteenth floor of the citizens of Kanagawa center
Multilingual support center Kanagawa
TEL: 045-620-0011
FAX: 045-620-0025
Email: tabunka ★kifjp.org
※Email ★You change this to @ mark, and please send.

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