Forum holds "marupa practice report forum 2019, Odawara-shi culture seminar special episode" in Odawara civic center small hall!
(July 20, 2019)

Date and time Saturday, July 20, 2019 (Raiwa 1) 13:30-17:30 opening 13:00
Venue Odawara civic center small hall (from 1-5-12, Honcho, Odawara-shi/JR Odawara Station a 10-minute walk)
Sponsorship marupa executive committee
    Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation
    odawara culture business executive committee (association of Odawara-shi/Odawara-shi business)
Association of support Kanagawa museum
Cooperation Wes cams (West Kanagawa area museums Network)
70 number of participants (prior application system)
Entrance fee for free
The details of contents PDF (one page and four pages) (two pages and three pages)
You list the following matter by application method FAX or E-mail, and apply.

Mention (possible impossibility), remarks of list of participants of full name, belonging, address, telephone (FAX or E-mail), application information (only in full name, the belonging)
[application by FAX] 046-858-1210
[application by E-mail] mulpa@kifjp.org

※We are going to distribute participant list which listed only full name, belonging based on application information in the information exchange society after forum.
※Sign-language interpreter, language interpreter that support is hoped for, please list concrete hope as remarks. We may not meet all requirements, but talk beforehand on this occasion.
※Please list approach that is inkurushibu in social education facility, culture facility which you regard as desirable (you want there to be) now to have been enriched in panel discussion more. (as any/less than 120 characters/nom de plume is fine, please list the name)
We will distribute opinion that had you approach to people who participated as material of the day. You may have you transmit by email (transmission: mulpa@kifjp.org)

Reference Kanagawa International Foundation Shonan Village Academic Research Center charge Norota
TEL: 046-855-1821
FAX: 046-858-1210
E-mail: mulpa@kifjp.org