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2018/12/27 Academic cultural exchange Symposium recruits participants "to live in foreign policy and future ... Kanagawa of multicultural society together"!
2018/05/29 Academic cultural exchange "To accept children with non-Japanese ethnicity in Great Society" continuation lecture cafe "future ... next-generation energy development and earth outside life exploration ... of the integral [the third] human whom photosynthesis ties" [the fourth]; participant offer!
2018/01/18 Academic cultural exchange Shonan Village akademia continuation lecture "cafe integral" [the first] "... for difference in culture ... multicultural society society over delivery" (February 3) [the second] under "life and future ... (February 10) participant offer of SDGs - us who want to know"
2017/09/22 Academic cultural exchange Symposium is recruiting participants "to make "society to rely, and to toss" from Kanagawa"!
2017/06/01 Academic cultural exchange We hold education spread business foramu to surround art museum society which "learns, and unties" with all MULPA (marupa) Museum Unlearning Program for ALL.
2017/05/29 Academic cultural exchange Under lecture recruitment of "division being surpassed as for us how" or participants!
2016/12/09 Academic cultural exchange <Shonan Village akademia> "We do not listen now? Recruitment of climate change participants!
2016/11/18 Academic cultural exchange <cafe integral> Under recruitment of "food safety, relief to talk about together" participants!
2016/10/03 Academic cultural exchange Recruitment of participants of forum (the second) & generalization symposium according to 21st century Kanagawa round table conference / theme!
2016/07/06 Academic cultural exchange We hold forum (the first) according to Kanagawa round table conference / theme "... based on difference, practice in extent of poverty and way - prefecture municipality of family, community" in the 21st century
2016/04/28 Academic cultural exchange We hold Kanagawa round table conference / kickoff lecture "... welfare governance and role ... of municipality to make new community with social inclusion" in the 21st century
2016/01/15 Academic cultural exchange "Is it Shonan Village akademia "cafe integral" medical care for the rich life? With health care to live like - oneself"
2015/12/18 Academic cultural exchange 21st century museum summit "~ from town and culture - past that museum weaves to the future"
2015/10/09 Academic cultural exchange Recruitment of Shonan Village akademia "support of the sustainable making of city and international business development through cooperation between cities" participants
2015/09/29 Academic cultural exchange "Citizen learns together and shares, and ... participant offers are in 21st century Kanagawa round table conference to town - participation-shaped democracy to make"
2015/02/19 Academic cultural exchange Forum holds "we think about the management of museum summit - museum in the 21st century".
2015/02/12 Academic cultural exchange Record book of "the sixth 21st century museum summit" was published.
2014/10/08 Academic cultural exchange Cafe integral holds "duty of scientific - researcher in society".
2014/09/12 Academic cultural exchange We changed part of program of Kanagawa round table conference in the 21st century.
2014/08/01 Academic cultural exchange Shonan Village akademia holds "global warming and risk ~ international negotiations battle front IPCC latest report".
2014/06/04 Academic cultural exchange Shonan Village akademia lecture holds "the world of automatic fuzzy that we were able to see from yeast".
2014/03/14 Academic cultural exchange We release record picture on the day of "the sixth 21st century museum summit".
2014/02/21 Academic cultural exchange It recruits participants of "approach of Shonan Village akademia garbage and global warming - Cambodia".
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