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Support to NGO/NPO

Project promoted by the People to People Cooperation Fund
Prefectural subsidy, individual, company, donation from group were installed as financial funds and, for the purpose of promoting NGO/NPO activity, utilize investment profit of "Kanagawa International Foundation" and support fund for project that NGOs carry out.

The making of point of contact of foreign community and community

Holding of discussion meeting of foreign community
We change a variety of opinions about various themes, and the class of leaders of foreign community of Kanagawa holds discussion meeting for the purpose of excavation sharing superior approach, and building network between community.

Administration of "Kanagawa, komyuniti, nettowaku, saito"
We collect information that necessary living information (administrative information, disaster prevention information) and community want to tell community for community and arrange while strengthening cooperation with foreign community, and homepage sends widely through "Kanagawa, komyuniti, nettowaku, saito".

Citizen of the prefecture activity support

Information Transmission Project
Of foundation send activity or business result widely, and collect the prefectural municipalities about "citizen of the prefecture activities such as NGO/NPO" "made with community of multicultural society" "arts and sciences, cultural exchange", NGO/NPO, information of affiliate, and send. About introduction or dispatch of lecturer, we provide consultation.

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