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We develop global human resources who can deal with global-scale problems and manage multicultural society planning.

High school international education support

"High school international education support project" (lecturer dispatch class)
We utilize network of know-how of international education (*) which foundation cultivated and lecturer and support international education in high school in Kanagawa and provide opportunity when high school student is interested in "international".
Depending on consultation about various programs such as lecture or workshop, we will dispatch lecturer. Please inflect.
(*) In the international community, we assume overall instructional activity to bring up way of thinking and ability to stand in field of vision of the earth, and to act. (the associated field: international understanding education, human rights education, developmental education)

"International cafe"
Seminar mainly composed of communication with a small number of people for high school student generations in Kanagawa.
We know actual voice and activities such as foreign student or foreign residents to live in area and discuss culture and custom of native place country and take communication with various people and learn hint to understand.

International Understanding Seminar for Youth (K-PIT)
International understanding guide seminar for high school student generations in Kanagawa. "Let's rise at world entrance;, on theme common throughout o!", deepen understanding for the world current situation and problem, and is intended that bring up power (rich communication power, a variety of views) to live in international community. Through various participation type program to promote independent learning, high school student stands at world entrance and talks about the future from international viewpoint.

Cooperation global personnel training between universities

"The United Nations University global seminar"
Accommodation type seminar of 4 days and 3 nights using Japanese-to-English two languages. Domestic and foreign people of learning and experience, experts, NGO staff including staff of United Nations lectures on theme in line with activity and the world situation of the United Nations from global viewpoint and viewpoint of local, and plan carries out program of interactive workshop titled "Kanagawa session" at foundation. And we establish place that graduate school, university student generation including foreign student discusses thoroughly and bring up human resources who can play an active part in international community such as international organization, international NGO, academia in the future.

It was finished in "Inter-College International Seminar" 2017
We learn through discussion in subcommittee according to Keynote Lecture and theme and, under the theme of "Japan in Asia", are seminar for university students for 3 days and 2 nights to bring up international human resources having understanding for economic cooperation, security, environmental problem of Asia, Asia including cultural exchange and Japanese relations. We learn trend of the concrete spot level or response of the media with relations of country level in each subcommittee and feed analysis and communicative competence from wide viewpoint. In cooperation with university of the prefecture and metropolitan area, we bring up human resources who can contribute in the future in the wide field of international community in society where problem also diversifies complicatedly.

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