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International cafe


Seminar mainly composed of communication with a small number of people for high school student generations in Kanagawa.

We know actual voice and activities such as foreign student or foreign residents to live in area and discuss culture and custom of native place country and take communication with various people and learn hint to understand.

Holding information

International cafe (the fourth)

"We hold international cafe in prefecture center area"

With foreign student learning Japanese, we make each country, dish of area, and let's learn through "meal" about various livings and culture.

Saturday, February 15, 2020 10:00-16:00

YMCA health welfare technical school caboose and classroom
4-16-19, Nakacho, Atsugi-shi
(access) is about 7 minutes on foot from Odakyu Line "Hon-Atsugi Station"

Foreign student of YMCA health welfare technical school Japanese subject
(Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippine person)

The making of dishes and lunch

High school student of the prefecture residence, attendance at school and 20 high school student generations
※Application before first-come-first-served basis, important business

●Entrance fee
800 yen (but for material cost)
※On the day please pay at reception desk.

Apron, triangle bandage, towel, dishcloth for Japanese towel

After filling out full name (kanji and Romaji), school name, school year, phone number, e-mail address, motive of participation, please send email to inter-cafe@kifjp.org. ★Please fill out title with "request for participation". Or please send FAX (045-620-0025) with style (the flyer back side).

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation

YMCA health welfare technical school

●Application, inquiry
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation
Global personnel training group

TEL: 045-620-0011 (Mon-Fri/8:45-17:30)
FAX: 045-620-0025
E-mail: inter-cafe ★kifjp.org (please turn ★ into @ mark)

●Information detailed in schedule of 2019

The date Time Theme Venue Entrance fee
June 1
14:00 ...
"We will ask Work You in Japan!"
Flyer is this
(citizens of Kanagawa center 2F)
Free of charge
July 21
13:30 ...
"World and Kanagawa - to be connected by English through the Olympics Paralympics - sports to learn"
Flyer is this
Citizens of Kanagawa center 3F 301
Meeting room
Free of charge
From November, 2019 to Sunday, December 15
13:30-16:00 "Let's learn multi-culture of Kanagawa!" Friends ... who come to ... Japan, and learn, and live Tsurumi international lounge Free of charge
Saturday, February 15, 2020
(10:00 meeting, reception desk)
The world to know through "meal"
Flyer is this ... for making ... foreign student and dishes
Flyer is this
YMCA health welfare technical school (Atsugi-shi)
Caboose and classroom
For material cost 800 yen

●We will tell about the latest information and report on Facebook.

●To everybody applied for
・To person who had you participate, I would like cooperation for questionnaire.
・In the case of cancellation, we publish in "announcement" in TOP of our foundation homepage column by weather.
・On the day we may put photograph which we photographed on Facebook and homepage of foundation as conduct report.
・Please inform of cancellation after application decision immediately.
・I will inform only when I cannot participate.

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