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 Kanagawa International Foundation was established as core organization which promoted "international exchange" in 1977 (Showa 52) by de* of Kanagawa, Office of cities, towns and village in Kanagawa and private sector. Thereafter, for about 40 years, it moved into action in keyword by "the arts and sciences, cultural exchange" "personnel training" "multicultural society" "international collaboration" variously.
 Progress of globalization continues giving change by unit in community for several decades. It is necessary to work on local problem that part of shadow including expansion of difference and poverty in economic aspect brings while various possibility spreads as interchange of people and culture increased.
 "We respect diversity and, during period until 2020 when the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics are started in 2016, are developed in business various as person making of, community improvement" of "Kanagawa" in emphasis aim of our foundation. We look around the inside and outside of country and think that importance of generosity for others and living together is important now.
 We will make power with all of you to hone charm of a variety of people and Kanagawa receiving culture, and to contribute to further development. We would appreciate your support, cooperation.

Chairperson Tadao Takahashi

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