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Multilingual documents

Children with non-Japanese ethnicity, child care support

We bring up multicultural society


Yokohama office issuance

  • ●"Questionary survey about course of international classroom being on the register roll student" (2010 through 2019)
  • ●Working papers (2016) about child care support to foreign residents
  • ●Working papers (2012) about the current situations of employment of foreigner in the care spot

Shonan Village Academic Research Center
(the headquarters) Issuance

  • ●"The current situation of meeting type resident autonomy organization in the local government" (2018)
  • ●The United Nations University global seminar 31st Shonan session report (2016)

Annual report "KIF ANNUAL REPORT"

It is annual report of our foundation. We began issuance in 2014.
→Annual report "KIF ANNUAL REPORT"


→It is click here about book

Information paper "KIF UPDATES" "KIF NEWS", "Hello Friends"

"KIF UPDATES" is information magazine which our foundation issues from 2019.
→Information paper "KIF UPDATES"

"KIF NEWS" is information magazine which our foundation issued from 2007 to 2013.
→Information paper "KIF NEWS"

"Hello Friends" is information magazine which our foundation issued from 1977 to 2006.
→Information paper "Hello Friends"

KIF interview

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