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About the purchase of publication

We accept application for purchase of publication which we do not handle at bookstore by FAX or email. After having heard from, I will inform payment methods from the person in charge in reply.

1.Application by FAX
You print form of FAX from this, and apply.

2.Application by email
shonan ★Please let know next to kifjp.org.
(when you send ※ email, please turn ★ into @ mark)
(1)Title of publication which you wish to purchase
(2)Number of books
(3)The name (furigana)
(5)Zip code, address of mailing address
(6)Phone number
(7)FAX number
(8)E-Mail address
(9)Please add so supporting member of foundation. Member price is applied.
※(1)(2)(3) (5) (6) (8) is required.

3.Inquiry about the purchase
(public interest incorporated foundation) Kanagawa International Foundation Shonan Village Academic Research Center publication sale charge
TEL: 046-855-1822

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