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It is information paper that our foundation issued from 1977 to 2006.

■Hello Friends No. 253 November, 2006 (PDF11.4MB)
Special feature: PARTII which lives slowly

■Hello Friends No. 252 September, 2006 (PDF4.4MB)
Special feature: ... that ... solution that volunteer will be what is not one

■Hello Friends No. 251 July, 2006 (PDF6.38MB)
Special feature: Artists more than sekaino intersection - borders

■Hello Friends No. 250 May, 2006 (PDF5.85MB)
Special feature: To send multilingual living information

■Hello Friends No. 249 March, 2006 (PDF 2.62MB)
Special feature: Let's go on a trip

■Hello Friends No. 248 January, 2006 (PDF 2.92MB)
Special feature: Philippine culture that is in Japan

■Hello Friends No. 247 November, 2005 (PDF 3.24MB)
Special feature: Place of various learning

■Hello Friends No. 246 September, 2005 (PDF 1.85MB)
Special feature: It is ... for town development of ... multicultural society which is worthy of earthquake disaster

■Hello Friends No. 245 July, 2005 (PDF 1.89MB)
Special feature: It is front line ... of ... culture cooperation from the spot of the remains of encore restoration

■Hello Friends No. 244 May, 2005 (PDF 1.06MB)
Main business of Kanagawa International Association of 2005

■Hello Friends No. 243 March, 2005 (PDF 666MB)
Special feature: Let's go with curry kit!

■Hello Friends No. 242 January, 2005 (PDF 678MB)
Special feature: Attempt ... of art and a certain environmental ... workshop

■Hello Friends No. 241 November, 2004 (PDF 477MB)
Special feature: World children are ... <<power to live now>>Hey ...

■Hello Friends No. 240 September, 2004 (PDF 537MB)
Special feature: ... which fair trade ... small thing turns the world into

■Hello Friends No. 239 July, 2004 (PDF 705MB)
Special feature: When body is opened

■Hello Friends No. 238 May, 2004 (PDF 319MB)
Main business of Kanagawa International Association of 2004

■Hello Friends No. 237 March, 2004 (PDF 1.37MB)
2004.1.31 forum report
Special feature: We suggest international understanding education in the future! - We join global education and multicultural society education together –

■Hello Friends No. 236 January, 2004 (PDF 302MB)
Special feature: Be transmitted through telling. -People - to support multilingual information

■Hello Friends No. 235 November, 2003 (PDF 980MB)
Special feature: That began with trip.

■Hello Friends No. 234 September, 2003 (PDF 1.46MB)
Special feature: Taste of Kanagawa

■Hello Friends No. 233 July, 2003 (PDF 971MB)
Special feature: Place to stay

■Hello Friends No. 232 May, 2003 (PDF 583MB)
Main business from April, 2003 to March, 2004 of Kanagawa International Association of 2003

■Hello Friends No. 231 March, 2003 (PDF 438MB)
Special feature: Okinawa in Kanagawa

■Hello Friends No. 230 January, 2003 (PDF573 MB)
Special feature: Community currency

■Hello Friends No. 229 November, 2002 (PDF 416MB)
Special feature: We live slowly

■Hello Friends No. 228 September, 2002 (PDF 590MB)
Special feature: Method ... which approaches "fact" from angle different from ... trout media what is taking place in - world from "9.11" now for one year

■Hello Friends No. 227 July, 2002 (PDF 668MB)
Special feature: Multicultural child care

■Hello Friends No. 226 May, 2002 (PDF 857MB)
Special feature: Main event from April, 2002 to March, 2003 of Kanagawa International Association of 2002

■Hello Friends No. 225 March, 2002 (PDF 1.19MB)
Special feature: Museum comes over to school! Development ... of international understanding education by ... "wide knowledge cooperation"

■Hello Friends No. 224 January, 2002 (PDF 1.26MB)
Special feature: International classroom

■Hello Friends No. 223 November, 2001 (PDF 2.61MB)
Special feature: What is "child prostitution" "child pornography?" We regard right of child as the niarureru "nature" every day
NGO and children ... which work on "world meeting against commercial sexual exploitation of the second child" started on ... December 17 in Yokohama

■Hello Friends No. 222 September, 2001 (PDF 469MB)
The tenth whole country volunteer Festival Kanagawa

■Hello Friends No. 221 July, 2001 (PDF 612MB)
Special feature: We think about "Vietnam" from "Kanagawa"

■Hello Friends No. 220 May, 2001 (PDF 272MB)
shinnakawakenkokusaikoryukyo of 2001

■Hello Friends No. 219 March, 2001 (PDF 250MB)
Special feature: Foreign student who lives in Kanagawa

■Hello Friends No. 218 January, 2001 (PDF 386MB)
Special feature: Does it not show the new times from 21 messages?

■Hello Friends No. 217 November, 2000 (PDF 304MB)
Special feature: We think about "community harmony".

■Hello Friends No. 216 September, 2000 (PDF 300MB)
Special feature: We work on NGO life reconstruction aid for one year, and major earthquake in Taiwan reports

■Hello Friends No. 215 July, 2000 (PDF 257MB)
Special feature: "Period for integrated study" to make in cooperation with ... NGO where school turns into ...

■Hello Friends No. 214 May, 2000 (PDF 994MB)
Special feature: We were able to see from earthquake disaster of ... two that "we told information to foreigner at the time of disaster"

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