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Renewed; "to tell information to communication - foreigner in plain Japanese clearly"

There is predominantly much Japanese, and various information that there is around plain Japanese us does not readily reach foreign residents. It is desirable to translate necessary information, but `plain Japanese' is helpful as tool which conveys information when realization is difficult immediately. In addition, `plain Japanese' plays an important role when foreign residents and Japanese living in area compromise each other and plan communication. In this leaflet, we introduce point when we introduce information into foreign residents in `plain Japanese' at the time of everyday life and disaster.
Please use by duplex printing (four fold).
■Issuance March, 2019

"Collection of foreign residents support ideas"

Multilingual information Disaster prevention, disaster mitigation Health, health Childbirth, child care Community It increased that correspondence that considered different culture and language in various scenes of life was necessary while becoming went ahead through domiciliation of foreign residents.
"Collection of foreign residents support ideas" introduces hint and information when it supports foreign residents on theme such as "multilingual information" "disaster prevention, disaster mitigation" "health, health" "childbirth, child care" "community".

"Multilingual information" ... main publication contents: "The point to report multilingual information" to "utilizes various mediums" and
"Disaster prevention, disaster mitigation" ... main publication contents: "To prepare for disaster" "resource that can conjugate at the time of disaster occurrence"
"Health, health" ... main publication contents: "To receive health care service for "health of foreign residents" more in peace"
"Childbirth, child care" ... main publication contents: From "the pregnancy to childbirth" from "the infants period to attendance at school"
"Community" ... main publication contents: "Multicultural quiz" and "we live in Kanagawa people others of nationality"

■Issuance March, 2014
"Multilingual information"
"Disaster prevention, disaster mitigation"
"Health, health"
"Childbirth, child care"

Towards "Kanagawa where it is spiritually rich, and none of the multicultural society to bring up together can live in lively"

Leaflet which featured the theme of bringing up multicultural society was made.
You distribute to visitors at local event, and please inflect in introduction materials of seminar.
We can download from the following. Please use by duplex printing (four fold).
■Issuance March, 2015

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