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It is information paper that our foundation issued from 2007 to 2013.

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.36 February, 2014 (PDF5.1MB)
"Tool" of communication at hospital
We renew "Multilingual Medical Questionnaire"

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.35 November, 2013 (PDF1.6MB)
The future of Kanagawa who "shares", and builds de
How do you bring up local power?
—From theme of the 21st century Kanagawa round table conference—

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.34 August, 2013 (PDF5.2MB)
From the world to Kanagawa from Kanagawa to the world
We carry out global human resources support project

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.33 May, 2013 (PDF1.91MB)
We introduce business of Kanagawa International Foundation - foundation of 2013—

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.32 March, 2013 (PDF2.99MB)
Special feature: We introduce approach in foreign residents support - prefecture at the time of - disaster from Great East Japan Earthquake for two years

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.31 January, 2013 (PDF2.06MB)
Special feature: The care spot and "foreigner"

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.30 September, 2012 (PDF1.75MB)
Special feature: Children of the multicultural inside

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.29 May, 2012 (PDF2.57MB)
Special feature: Point introduction - of Kanagawa International Foundation - foundation business of 2012

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.28 March, 2012 (PDF2.93MB)
Special feature: We were able to see from ... foreigner community investigation to make society together

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.27 January, 2012 (PDF3.01MB)
Special feature: ... to think about with - Great East Japan Earthquake made with community of future Kanagawa

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.26 September, 2011 (PDF2.65MB)
Special feature: Kanagawa International Foundation

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.25 April, 2011 (PDF5.84MB)
Special feature: 2011 business introduction

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.24 March, 2011 (PDF3.02MB)
Special feature: Multicultural social work

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.23 January, 2011 (PDF2.92MB)
Special feature: Wish ... to peace that we put in Albert Kahn - photograph

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.22 November, 2010 (PDF2.86MB)
Special feature: Education of children with non-Japanese ethnicity

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.21 September, 2010 (PDF2.99MB)
Special feature: Now of Mekong that we want to convey

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.20 July, 2010 (PDF2.94MB)
Special feature: Now of children with non-Japanese ethnicity

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.19 May, 2010 (PDF25.3MB)
Special feature: 2010 business introduction

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.18 March, 2010 (PDF22MB)
Special feature: We think about Japanese learning support of Kanagawa

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.17 January, 2010 (PDF22.74MB)
Special feature: We think about base of multicultural society

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.16 November, 2009 (PDF20MB)
Special feature: Town development judging from multicultural society

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.15 September, 2009 (PDF6.6MB)
Special feature: Workshop - production and practice -

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.14 July, 2009 (PDF9.4MB)
Special feature: International collaboration, interchange through picture

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.13 May, 2009 (PDF8.1MB)
Special feature: 2009 business introduction

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.12 March, 2009 (PDF18.5MB)
Special feature: Foreign school in Japan

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.11 January, 2009 (PDF5.6MB)
Special feature: The world that is connected to table
(the name of Yamazaki of "talks series (9) over intellect" was wrong. It is "Mikiko Yamazaki" definitely. We correct and apologize.)

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.10 October, 2008 (PDF9.57MB)
Special feature: Open out; and surprised world living ... box teaching materials & paperwork ...

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.9 September, 2008 (PDF2MB)
Special feature: We stare at the personnel training business present of Shonan Village and describe the future

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.8 July, 2008 (PDF3MB)
Special feature: We support expression of young man having the origin in foreign country

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.7 May, 2008 (PDF2.6MB)
Special feature: 2008 business introduction

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no.6 March, 2008 (PDF1.3MB)
Special feature: Seem to step "volunteer" whom I begin ...; one step ... of the beginning

■KIF NEWS (PDF) KIF NEWS no5 January, 2008 (PDF1.5MB)
Special feature: New possibility of ethnic media latest circumstances and multilingual information

■KIF NEWS (PDF) NEWSLETTER no4 November, 2007 (PDF1.8MB)
Special feature: Grass-roots activity ... which the citizen's network - Internet of East Asia working on environmental problem ties

■KIF NEWS (PDF) NEWSLETTER no3 September, 2007 (PDF1.5MB)
Special feature: Africa in Japan

■KIF NEWS (PDF) NEWSLETTER no2 July, 2007 (PDF11.4MB)
Special feature: It is ... for password in ... "multicultural society to bring up together" from plan of asu Festa Kanagawa 2007 to the day

Special feature: What kind of foundation is it? "Kanagawa International Foundation"

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