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Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation information security policy

February 12, 2014

1. Purpose
"Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation information security policy (we say "this policy" as follows.) "Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation (say "our foundation" as follows.) But, we established the basic policy to recognize appropriate management for information as important management problem, and to secure information security.

2. Exhibition of this policy
We will act by our foundation handling confidential information of civic personal information and organization closely as the only international exchange foundation for whole Kanagawa, and taking always appropriate defense measures for information leakage risks to get trust of citizen and the person concerned. Therefore, our foundation releases this policy outside foundation and will declare that we follow observance and laying upon, this of privacy policy.

3. Coverage
Member of all posts of our foundation observes this policy and privacy policy.

4. Information security regime
Our foundation holds information security committee doing foundation official with committee member regularly to perform protection of all information assets to hold and appropriate management and will maintain the system which can carry out necessary security measures that followed grasp of the information security management situation of the whole level and risk analysis quickly.

5. Conduct of information security measures
Our foundation will carry out maintenance of the appropriate information security organization system, physical measures, technical measures, measures of applying, administrative human measures and accident correspondence measures to prevent accidents such as unauthorized access, destruction, information leakage, manipulation to affect information assets. Particularly, we deal with restoration, solution early when phenomenon that information security is violated is generated.

6. Maintenance of the observance matter about information security
Our foundation maintains "information security observance matter" based on this policy and privacy policy, and they publicize appropriate clear policy, rule to manage of information assets in foundation, and they will be thorough.

7. Conduct of information security education
Our foundation plans improvement of literacy about information security for all members of post and person concerned and will carry out information security education to carry out appropriate management of information assets of our foundation continuously.

8.Conduct of appropriate business consignment point management
We set by contracts to examine enough the precise nature as business consignment point when our foundation entrusts with all or a part of the duties, and to maintain security level that is equal to our foundation. In addition, we carry out periodical inspection to business consignment point, review of regime to continue confirming that these security levels are maintained appropriately.

9. The observance such as laws and ordinances
Our foundation will make an effort for appropriate information management by acting, and dealing with observance thorough observance matters which our foundation established if there are any acts to violate in addition to the observance such as laws and ordinances concerned strictly.

10. Conduct of information security domestic inspection
Our foundation carries out information security domestic inspection regularly or irregularly that regulations, rule that laws and ordinances about information security and our foundation established in the accomplishment of duties is observed and inspects whether it functions effectively.

11.Conduct of continuous improvement
Our foundation will carry out continuous improvement of information security management system by evaluating the approach mentioned above regularly, and reviewing.

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