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Offer of living information to foreign residents and safe support

Reporting by "INFO KANAGAWA"
It is service to send information to be useful for news, education, the welfare from country and the prefecture, health medical care, foreign residents including disaster information by E-mail and Social Networking Service (SNS: Facebook) multilingually.
We deliver around four times a month in Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, English.

The spread of multilingual information
We distribute multilingual documents with high need to the local government, municipalities International Association, foreign community, schools in the prefecture in foreign residents and plan utilization promotion.

Offer of "Multilingual Medical Questionnaire"
We run website "Multilingual Medical Questionnaire" which we made by NPO corporation International Community Hearty Konandai and collaboration and allow you to download medical questionnaire of various words. (we write all 18 language/11 medical department ※ Japanese jointly for each language)

Administration of "Kanagawa Japanese language course, supplementary study classroom, native language classroom map"
Website that compiled activity information such as Japanese language course, supplementary study classroom, native language classroom carried out in the prefecture runs "Kanagawa Japanese language course, supplementary study classroom, native language classroom map".

Disaster Information Project
We hold the local government, International Association, NGO inside and outside the prefecture and information sharing about foreign support at the time of enlightenment and disaster of disaster prevention to foreigner and strengthen the cooperation system. At the time of disaster, we perform setting, administration of "Multilingual Center for Disaster Support of Kanagawa" performing reporting, consultation duties for foreign residents by Kanagawa and collaboration.

Support to children with non-Japanese ethnicity, family

Foreign residents child care support project
We make information and tool that health nurse, obstetrical teacher, doctor, supporter of the field of maternal and child health, welfare including child care supporter give information for Foreign Parents from early stage including the infants period for the expectant mothers period and can perform consultation correspondence effectively. In addition, we make structure of multilingual support to the support spot.

Multicultural Society Education Promotion Project
For the purpose of strengthening the child support system of the whole prefectural level, related organizations such as the municipalities Boards of Education in the prefecture hold meeting comparing notes to be able to make life, learning environment of children with non-Japanese ethnicity better more and perform course investigation about high school entering further education of student connected in foreign country every year. In addition, we perform enlightenment and reporting to person concerned with education including teacher and local volunteer.

The nursery staff training business to lead to foreign country (") scholarship having fun having today, kana to say shinyukyo, shinfukukyo (kana")
We receive financial support of association of Kanagawa welfare work and collaborate with Yokohama YMCA and run scholarship system to help high school student connected in foreign country hoping for entering further education to technical school to be nursery staff. We perform personnel training that young man leading to foreign country which grew up in plural languages, culture makes use of language and various cultural backgrounds and plays an active part in community as nursery staff.

➶Summary and characteristic of ︎ shinyukyo, shinfukukyoshogakukin
・We pay scholarship without return duty to boil 12 people in total in each three year for seven years from 2015 through 2021 (monthly basis 50,000 yen).
・Scholarship student learns in technical school (Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, one of two schools of Atsugi-shi) of Yokohama YMCA, and support of tutor and Japanese lecturer takes the system which we can always receive, too.
・As well as employment support, we expand fixation support and consultation function after employment and promote the formation of network between young people connected again in foreign country and perform continuous support.

➶Detailed information about ︎ scholarship system
Please confirm detailed information here.

Support to foreign student, former foreign student

Social participation promotion business of foreign student, former foreign student
Foreign student more than about 12,000 is registered at university or technical school in Kanagawa and will find a job in the future in Japan, and people who want to live increase. However, as for the comprehensive support to wear know-how that is necessary as dweller including important living information to be concerned with livings such as housing or child care from social security systems such as tax or pension, there are none even if hope comes true and finds a job. We promote the making of program that can live a life as local resident in peace while performing needs investigation for foreign student, former foreign student to settle in Japanese society.

➶Advice (video) from ︎ senior foreign student, former foreign student
You can see three kinds of Chinese, Vietnamese and Nepalese.

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